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How E Points work

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Players who are interactive with the server website will go further in Sequoia, than the players who do not register. Points are designed to help encourage players to learn more about there Server. Learning how to use Forums and helping others is what this is all about.
How to gain points?
That is the question everyone asks, Well to start gaining points on SequoiaMC registering to website would be your first step. You gain 5 points for just doing that. (You will need registered to gain points for voting)
-Posting forums are 1 point each, Forums need to be positive and educational. Topics can only be on Sequoia
- Voting whether here on website or in-game with /vote (gain 2 points per Vote)
- Birthdays, you receive 10 points
- Shopping with us gains you points
- Likes and Shares of posts also gain you points.

More will come as we all grow together!
Happy Hunting Gamers
Posted Jan 23, 19 · OP
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